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Your property is carefully inspected.  Prior to placing your property on the market we make cost effective suggestions for repairs and improvements.  This enables your property to show well, and sell quickly, and for top dollar.
We plan the best time for you to have your property on the market.  It is based on market trends and your personal needs.
We see all the competition and maker sure your property is proceed appropriately.
We make a professional brochure, list your property in the MRIS computer system, and put it on the Internet.  We advertise in the Washington Post, as well.  In other words, we create activity.  We get serious buyers and agents to your property
We believe in open houses.  We have sold many properties to buyers who visited the property at an open house.  We have taken open houses to an art form with our special approach.
Our experience show in how we negotiate.  It’s not just price, but terms that are critical.  Contingencies must be carefully addressed as well as inspections and financing terms.
Our track record speaks for itself.  Our listings sell quickly and for top dollar.


When we work with buyers, we represent them.  We are working in your best interest in every way.  usually, the commission is paid by the seller, even though we represent the buyer.
When we work with you, our knowledge of financing really becomes helpful.    We pre-qualify and pre-approve you before you ever see the property.
Once you understand your price range, case needed, monthly payments, and know your financing is handled, you can look at property with confidence and negotiate skillfully.
Our knowledge of the market allows us to zero in on the best communities in your price range.  Te price  differ greatly from one community to another.  We take into account not only the price but driving time, schools, shopping and your other personal interest.

Once we find and acceptable house, we aggressively pursue the contract negotiations and give you the best possible opportunity to get the property you prefer.
After the property is under contract, we refer you to our network of inspectors and contractors.
We simultaneously work with you to get the best possible financing.  Sometimes we provide the financing directly through our sources and other times we work with your lender.  In either case, we make sure the terms are fair, the rates are competitive and the transaction is completed on time.
After settlement, we stay in close touch with you.  We will let you know about opportunities for updates and maintenance through our network of contractors.  We are also available as consultants if you would want to add substantial improvements or any changes to your property.
We have seminars for both buyers and sellers that our clients are invited to.  We share the latest trends in housing and are available to answer any questions concerning any aspect of homeownership.

New Homes
We believe that the time a buyer most needs an experienced broker is when buying a new home. It is critical you bring your realtor to the new model home\office the first time you see it and register with your realtor.  Otherwise, the builder will refuse to pay the realtor or recognize them as your representative.
The following issues need to be addressed:
1. Lot selection – This is one of the most important choices you make.  Resale value of the property and the enjoyment of the property are often decided by the choice of the lot.  There are numerous issues here.
2. Builders contract – This contract is not the same as the one used by realtors.  It is designed by the builder’s attorney and heavily favors the builder.  Therefore, you must understand what you are agreeing to.
3. Upgrades – Determining which upgrades to make and which not to make is complex.  The model home has every upgrade possible to encourage you to buy a home.  Your home will not look like the model unless you pay substantially for the upgrades.
4. Which Builder To Use – Yes some are better than others.  And some builders pose a risk that must be understood.
5. Lender and Title Company – Do you use the builder’s lender and title company?
6. Inspections – These must be handled very carefully.  There is the pre-construction meeting, the pre-drywall inspection, the pre-settlement inspection and the final inspection.  Yes, you need professional inspectors present.
7. Timing – Do you buy at the beginning or end of a project and how does it affect you.  How do you plan and when can you depend on what you are told by the builder?
8. Environmental Issues – PVC plumbing, noise, roads, lot grading, septic systems and wells, air quality.  Yes there are issues to look at.
9. Comparing New Homes to Re-Sales – New homes  compare more favorably.
10. Warranty Issues – What happens after settlement and how to determine how your builder will handle your home